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Tarpon season is starting. So, what makes this fish so great?

The Silver King preferred water temperature is in the range of 74-88 degrees Fahrenheit, so now the season is starting with the ability to come across massive encounters of the Tarpon in Florida. Even though you can find them all year long, they’re only in the Florida Keys area.
During springtime, Tarpon are mostly on the Florida Bay side, but as the year progresses, they start moving to the Atlantic side. Now is your chance to come over to the other coast for this beautiful fish!
Tarpon are well known for their acrobatics on the end of a line and can jump up to ten feet out of the water while rattling its gills like an angry diamondback snake. They grow to a massive size, with the current IGFA world record 286 lbs 9 oz.
I hope you can find the Joy of catching a huge one too. Good luck!


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