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Lady Anglers are on the rise

Lady Anglers are on the rise, (more than 14 million now in America), and it’s no surprise why!
The group was founded in March 2013 by Ocala, FL resident and club president Delores Belanger. Following a fishing and wildlife Commission-sponsored seminar dedicated to women’s fishing, Delores decided to form a club so local women could share their love of the sport.
Whether Inshore or offshore, we’ve become a beautiful and powerful community of Anglers, where we feel the freedom to come together, learn from each other and share our adventures on and off the water.
Lady Anglers enjoy the outdoors, nature, and fishing. It has been always about making friends, fishing together and above all, having lots of fun! But lately, the rise of the tournaments and the excitement of winning while you’re having fun is a huge plus for this community.
There are several fishing tournaments for women around the world, plenty of them in the USA, and by no surprise Florida is among the best destinations for that. From catching the biggest fish and having the best techniques in the Lady Angler Tournament, to the Best Dressed for charity, the women’s active participation in the sport has changed it forever, to become a lifestyle.
As the season starts to be active and busy, we will publish the best tournaments, stay tuned!


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